Just Enough Light to Kill - Elizabeth Lowell
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Just Enough Light to Kill

By Elizabeth Lowell

  • Release Date: 2012-10-30
  • Genre: Hard-Boiled


According to Fiora, my dead Uncle Jake taught me more than I should know about adrenaline, smuggling, and borders. I liked it way too much. That was what drove Fiora and me apart. 

Lately, though, we had been doing well together. I didn’t want to see it end. Neither did she. But yesterday always comes, as Jake used to say when he was stoned. Today, it came with a vengeance. An old friend-enemy who had saved my life had been killed on the wrong side of the border. I could no more ignore that than Fiora could ignore her fey dreams of trouble coming down at me with bullets to spare. This time, I was smart. I wouldn’t let Fiora go south of the border with me. But this time, the real trouble was north of the border, and it was Fiora’s beautiful neck on the line… 

* * * 

Named by TIME magazine as one of the best suspense novels of the year. "Plan on reading this one all the way through. You won't be able to stop." --United Press International